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cleaning a room

Have you chosen a shared solution? Here's what you need to know

Is my room cleaned before check-in?

Of course, your room will be cleaned shortly before your check-in by our cleaning company. The company will take care of sanitizing the room and making it clean and welcoming before your entry. You will only have to worry about buying sheets, pillows and duvet.

What do I do if my room has not been cleaned?

If, in the unlikely event that when you enter the apartment you do not find the room clean, we kindly ask you to contact us on number

How does the cleaning and maintenance of shared areas work?

The cleaning and maintenance of the common areas is managed entirely by the tenants, who can decide whether to organize cleaning shifts among themselves, or whether to rely on someone privately to take care of the cleaning for them. Arsenale 1104 leaves total freedom to tenants to organize themselves as they prefer, always keeping in mind compliance with the cleaning standards required in a shared living context.

Does Arsenale 1104 offer a paid cleaning service?

The weekly cleaning service is available on request, and tenants can contact us to receive a quote.