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technical support

Here's what you need to know

Is maintenance included during the stay?

Our service is all-inclusive , and provided to all our tenants - regardless of whether it is for a few days, or months - and also includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, which is guaranteed by a team of technicians and professionals from Arsenale 1104 The only maintenance interventions excluded from your contract are those made necessary following neglect or misuse of the supplies. Also in this case, our technicians will intervene directly for an extra cost which will be quantified a posteriori depending on the extent of the report.

What are the expected maintenance times?

The time necessary for the resolution of ordinary maintenance interventions which can be easily managed by the Arsenale 1104 technicians varies depending on the urgency and extent of the report; in any case from a few hours up to 7 days. For extraordinary maintenance or maintenance that requires one or more interventions by specialized external technicians, the resolution times may be extended depending on the availability of the suppliers themselves.