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The Biodiversity Garden of Padua: a hidden treasure of the Botanical Garden

In the heart of the splendid city of Padua , famous for its ancient university and its historical monuments, lies a green treasure that enchants and surprises: the Biodiversity Garden . This botanical jewel, an integral part of the Botanical Garden of the University of Padua, not only offers an extraordinary experience for nature lovers, but also stands out for being one of the most advanced in the world in its field.

The Botanical Garden of Padua: a historical heritage

Before immersing ourselves in the beauty and richness of the Biodiversity Garden, it is essential to understand the context in which it is located. The Botanical Garden of Padua , founded in 1545, is the oldest university botanical garden still in operation in the world . Its centuries-old history and its commitment to education, research and conservation make it a global point of reference for botanical scholars and enthusiasts.

Discovering the Biodiversity Garden of Padua

Inaugurated in October 2014, the Biodiversity Garden represents a new frontier in the exploration and understanding of the world's flora. With over 1,300 species of plants from every corner of the planet , this garden offers an exciting journey through the Earth's ecosystems.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Biodiversity Garden is its ability to faithfully recreate the natural environments in which plants live. With homogeneous environments in terms of humidity and temperature, the garden simulates the climatic conditions of global biomes , from tropical areas to temperate zones, from subhumid regions to arid deserts.

The greenhouses of the Biodiversity Garden

Inside the greenhouses, the visitor can explore four distinct macro-environments:

  • The tropical rainforest : here, among a myriad of lush greenery and sounds of nature, you immerse yourself in the heart of the tropical rainforests. With an average temperature of around 25°C and high humidity, this greenhouse offers a breathtaking overview of the rich biodiversity of the equatorial zones.
  • The subhumid tropical forest : in this environment, plants adapt to less abundant rainfall than in rainforests. With an average temperature of around 20°C, this greenhouse represents the transition between tropical and subhumid zones, offering a unique exploration experience.
  • The temperate and Mediterranean climate : here, the variety of plants reflects the richness of the Mediterranean and temperate climate. Despite covering only a small percentage of the Earth's surface, this area is home to 20% of the world's entire biodiversity, making it an extraordinary environment to explore.
  • The Arid Climate : In the wastelands of arid deserts, plant life adapts to water scarcity and extreme temperatures. From Sahara-like landscapes to cold deserts, this greenhouse offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and resilience of plants adapted to extreme conditions.

In addition to the extraordinary variety of plants on display, the Biodiversity Garden also offers a unique opportunity to explore the age-old relationship between man and plants. Through information panels, films and interactive tools, visitors can understand the crucial role of plants in human evolution, from prehistory to the present day.

Sustainable architecture for a green future

In addition to its botanical richness, the Biodiversity Garden also stands out for its innovative and sustainable architecture. The environmentally friendly building , with its 100 meter long and 18 meter high glass structure, is designed to maximize the use of solar energy and rainwater collection.

The Biodiversity Garden of Padua is not only a place of extraordinary beauty, but also a research and conservation center essential for the understanding and preservation of global biodiversity. To discover this beautiful attraction and not miss anything about a historic city like Padua and its street art , it is advisable to book an apartment online in advance . In this way it will not only be possible to save on the holiday budget but also enjoy full freedom of movement.


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