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Padua and street art: hunting for works in the streets of the centre

In the heart of Padua , among the narrow streets of the centre, there is an artistic treasure waiting to be discovered. A labyrinth of small works of art , a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that populate the most unexpected corners of the city. Padua is a metropolis where street artists have left an indelible mark, giving visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Discovering these non-traditional works of art opens the doors to an innovative visit to Padua that doesn't just take into account the most famous points of interest. The city's street art naturally unfolds in unexpected places and gives life to a truly interesting treasure hunt with murals that can reach up to 21 meters in height.

The street art of Padua

The streets of Padua are an authentic open-air museum, where Street Art takes center stage. A single day is not enough to discover all the works, large and small, that populate the heart of the city and its surroundings, capturing the attention and admiration of those who encounter them. The Arcella has always been a point of reference for Street Art in Padua . Shared and innovative images, fantastic and geometric figures, common and famous faces, young and old of different races tell the identity, culture and history of this neighborhood. Despite the gray facade of the buildings, one cannot ignore the cultural and social activism that pervades this area, with urban regeneration initiatives that are also expressed through Street Art.

And again, splendid works can be found starting from the station , the imposing work of the EAD Crew dominates the entire Borgomagno flyover. Piacentino Park is tinged with the colors of the works of Made 514 and the EAD Crew. Via Buonarroti and Via Tiziano Minio come to life thanks to the works of the protagonists of the first edition of the Street Art Biennale: Boogie, Bonato, Joys, Peeta.

Geometries, perspectives and paints which, activated by light, purify the air from pollution. The hospital area of ​​Padua is also rich in street art , in this place it is possible to find some of the most iconic and interesting works: at the sports hall, Tony Gallo dedicates a work to "Tutti", representing the multi-ethnicity of the neighborhood, while MrFijodor criticizes consumerism and its derivatives. Nearby, the longest mural in Padua (70 metres), created by Acme107 & SteReal, depicts the meeting between science and faith with two emblematic figures of the Padua scene: Galileo Galilei and San Carlo Borromeo. In the area of ​​the university hospital, imposing murals recall themes of hope and rebirth.

Two figures emerge in particular in this fervent artistic scene: Kenny Random and Alessio-B , two talents native to Padua who have transformed the city into a stage for their creative visions.

Andrea Coppo , known as Kenny Random, is often compared to the famous Banksy. Operating in the shadows of the night. His works are like spells, messages of love and peace that spread through the air. Instead, Alessio-B, alias Alessio Bedin , his creations are designed to interact with citizen observers and are recognizable among a thousand: scenes of joy and sweetness that capture the heart.

Super Walls: the Biennial Street Art Festival

The Biennial Street Art Festival, known as Super Walls , animates the city and has contributed to the creation of numerous works, with the aim of enhancing the urban fabric through art, beauty and culture. Arcella, the most populated neighborhood of Padua, is a tangible example of this artistic and cultural rebirth. Its streets show a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, from the works scattered behind the train station to the San Carlo area. In those days not only the city is colored with many works but also the cultural ferment experienced in this university place experiences its maximum splendor.

Practical advice for the explorer

Padua, without a doubt, is a city that every Street Art enthusiast should visit at least once in their life. However, it is good to know that a single day is not enough to fully explore this fascinating world. At least two days and an adequate means of transport will be necessary to fully immerse yourself in the colorful streets of Padua and discover the most hidden nuances of its urban artistic culture.

Precisely for this reason that staying in this lively university town becomes almost an imperative for those who want to discover it to the fullest and perhaps also visit a UNESCO Heritage Site such as the Botanical Garden, one of the richest and most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe.


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