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Padua: mysteries and anecdotes that tell of its secret charm

Experiencing the city of Padua means immersing yourself in a fascinating world of secrets and mysteries that make the city a unique place full of charm. The city reveals itself to those who want to discover it with a thousand faces, intertwining history, legends and architecture in a fascinating mosaic of mysteries, let's take an example: Saint Anthony of Padua , universally known as "The Saint", transmits a linguistic anomaly: the his name is often implicit, so much so that the Basilica built in his honor is simply called "Basilica of the Saint". So much so that it is often said of Padua that it is a city with a nameless saint . Every corner of the city seems to hide a secret, transforming its exploration into a continuous adventure between past and present: let's discover some of the iconic points to visit.

The columnless capital in Piazza delle Erbe and the riderless horse at the Palazzo della Ragione

Walking through Piazza delle Erbe , you may notice a particular capital apparently without a column . Legend tells of a nocturnal theft by the people of Vicenza; however, the truth is just as fascinating. It would seem that the lack of column was deliberate to allow access to the portico by carts transporting goods. A practical solution that turns into a visual puzzle.

Continuing this exploration we can discover how inside Palazzo della Ragione, a large wooden horse without a rider captures the attention of visitors and is modeled on the Gattamelatta monument in Piazza del Santo.

Pedrocchi café and Padua station

Caffè Pedrocchi , an icon of Padua, has a particular anecdote linked to its doors. It is said that this place was open day and night until 1916 , when it began to close in the evening during the First World War to avoid attracting the attention of the Austrians during the bombings. A timeless atmosphere that is revealed through the history of one of the most loved places in the city.

Finally, although it may seem strange, Padua station also hides a mystery, a subtlety that escapes the inexperienced eye: the lack of a platform for track 4 . The rails are present, but it seems that this track is reserved exclusively for the passage of freight trains.

The astronomical clock of Padua and the symbol of the University

Looking up under the Clock Tower in Piazza dei Signori, you notice the absence of the zodiac sign of Libra . The legend suggests a resentment on the part of the builder towards the client, but the truth lies in the fact that, at the time of construction, Libra was not yet recognized as an autonomous constellation in Greek astronomy.

The Palazzo del Bo , symbol of the University of Padua, features an intriguing emblem: a bucranium, the skull of an ox without horns. This symbol derives from the ancient Hospitium Bovis inn , located in the same location as Palazzo del Bo. A link with the commercial history of the city which manifests itself through this curious symbol.

The cathedral without a facade: the cathedral basilica of Santa Maria Assunta

The Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, commonly known as the Cathedral of Padua, reveals a fascinating architectural detail: the unfinished façade . Despite the structure's construction in the 16th and 18th centuries, the grandiose façade designed by Girolamo Frigimelica was damaged during the bombings of the First World War, adding a note of mystery to the city's architecture.

The bell tower without a church

A churchless bell tower, visible at the intersection of via San Fermo and via Giovanni Cittadella , highlights a lost chapter in Padua's history. The presence of a church destroyed over time suggests an ancient and mysterious narrative that dissolves into the modern urban fabric.

So staying overnight in Padua is essential to fully immerse yourself in the mysteries of the city and appreciate its monuments in a different light. The nightlife offers unique atmospheres, making your stay a complete experience. To optimize your choice of accommodation, booking an apartment online is the smartest way to plan a stress-free trip.



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