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The Urbs Picta Cards of Padua: a unique way to discover art in the city

Do you want to visit Padua but only have one weekend? With the Urbs Picta Card you can get to know Giotto's Padua and beyond even with a stay of a weekend or a few days. Thanks to the initiative of a spin-off startup of the University of Padua, Meeple Srl just download an app on your smartphone to have access to 8 UNESCO sites in Padua, which will allow you to discover the works of the great painters of the 14th century as well as world heritage sites.

Padova Urbs Picta Card is a single ticket to keep on your smartphone which allows you to see the cycles of frescoes contained in the Scrovegni Chapel, in the Palazzo della Regione, but also in the Basilica del Santo and in the Baptistery. In this way you have quick and convenient access, you avoid queues at the ticket offices and you save precious time to look with admiration at the works of the 14th century painters of Padua as well as the city's architectural works.

What is the Urbs Picta Card of Padua and how to purchase it

The card , which is obtained by downloading the app of the same name on your smartphone, is a single ticket valid for 48 hours at a cost of 28 euros, or 72 hours at a cost of 35 euros and for tourists the ticket to travel on the public transport between one place and another.

The Picta Urbs card of Padua includes visits to these places in the city:

  • Scrovegni Chapel (including Eremitani Museum and Zuckermann Palace)
  • Palace of Reason
  • Oratory of San Michele
  • Church of SS. Philip and James to the Eremitani
  • San Giorgio Oratory
  • Basilica of the Saint
  • Chapel of the Carrarese Palace
  • Baptistery of the Cathedral

Through the card it is possible to be guided to discover the most fascinating fresco cycles of the fourteenth century in Padua through images, descriptive texts and also maps and music that tell the journey of the painters of the period in the cultural construction of the splendid city. On the app you can listen to the stories and view exclusive content that allows you to deepen your knowledge of the pictorial cycles and totally immerse yourself in the adventure of the city's history.

Padova Urbs Picta Card is designed to accompany visitors and not just as a mere access ticket: inside there is a rich glossary capable of deepening the knowledge of artistic terms and new interesting contents are constantly implemented. Furthermore, even simply through the app it is possible to obtain detailed tourist information to plan the visit in the best way . There is no shortage of games and fun: at the end of some activities you can take a medieval quiz and unlock gothic animals to experience a fantasy story that also includes original music from the century.

Residents of the Province of Padua have the card available for 6 months for just 25 euros and can access the masterpieces of their city multiple times with a negligible contribution.

Discovering the Urbs Picta: Padua, city of painters

The term Urbs Picta means "painted city" and indicates the historical importance of the cycle of fourteenth-century frescoes found in this city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List . The buildings in which to find the great cycle of Paduan frescoes are the eight that can be visited with the Card, a set of religious, civil and public buildings that represent a complex of inestimable value, with ancient roots and which attracts tourists from all over the world every year.

In addition to the frescoes by Giotto, who started the cycle way back in 1302, you will find the works of followers of his school such as Guariento di Arpo, Altichiero da Zevio, Jacopo Avanzi and Jacopo da Verona who painted not only stories from ancient and from the new testament but also reproduced local stories to exalt the city, leaving us with a precious testimony of universal value.

Here it seems obvious to say, but visiting Padua and enjoying its beauty to the full in just one day is impossible, so why not stay for at least one night? By booking an apartment online you can reduce your budget and enjoy another day in the city.


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