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2022 is the year of tourism rebirth

2022 is the year of tourism rebirth

2022 began with the resurgence of the Covid-19 Pandemic and new tourism trends. On the other hand, the future of travel finally seems brighter. There are several countries that are easing travel restrictions, at least for vaccinated people, and in the last period we are witnessing significant reopenings, which give rise to hope for a prompt restart of the global tourism sector .

A survey by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) sees the vaccination campaign and the end of restrictions as the way to return to the levels of employment and travel of pre-pandemic years. According to the research, the contribution of the tourism industry to the global economy by 2022 could reach 8.5 trillion euros (or 8.5 billion billion), just 6.4% less than in 2019.

2022 trends to consider

2022 will still be marked mainly by trends from national tourism and local tourism. Italian destinations and operators will still have to rely on tourists from the beautiful country. But we will also have a greater volume of international tourists , especially European ones, compared to 2021.

Smart working is a consolidated trend , therefore the possibility of organizing one's working time translates into the tendency to have short holidays, those of 2, 3 or 4 days, in destinations accessible in a relatively short time. It is expected that people will take 3 to 4 holidays throughout the year, obviously including the classic main holiday.

This trend of micro-holidays , especially in spring and autumn, to regenerate and rest, to breathe, will continue in 2022. This implies less seasonality , and the need to find open destinations, with hospitality services, restaurants and operational tourist activities. Non-hotel accommodation facilities will certainly benefit from this.

The environmental concern and the awakening of the conscience of tourists means that it is a trend that tourism cannot ignore. We are moving towards a more conscious demand for tourism . This translates into higher value destinations. That is, those that will have proposals with care and respect for the environment, in the use of local products and in the much vaunted authenticity.

After 18 months of days that are the same as each other, the desire to escape and do something different is stronger than ever. And for this reason, in 2022 travel will bring back the smile and enthusiasm when returning home.


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