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Discovering the Ampezzo Dolomites Park

The Ampezzo Dolomites Park is a national treasure with an unparalleled naturalistic scope. Located just north of the town of Cortina D'Ampezzo , the Park extends to the border between Alto Adige and Veneto for a total of 11,200 hectares of mountains and nature in its purest expression.

Inside it you can undertake various itineraries that cross the nature reserves to reach peaks such as Monte Cristallo , Tofane or Cima Fanes which exceed 3,200 meters in height. The Park represents a true paradise for expert climbers who will find breathtaking overhangs and truly evocative rock giants. The panorama ranges from the peaks to the gentle, green valleys, all completed by lakes, woods and waterfalls waiting to be discovered.

Here are the characteristics and information you need to know before visiting the Ampezzo Dolomites Park . It is important to note that this beautiful place of uncontaminated flora and fauna can not only be reached from Cortina but also from beautiful locations such as Falcade or Cadore .

The history and characteristics of the Ampezzo Dolomites Park

On official website of the Park the shape of this is described as wedge-shaped and with two lateral branches. Established in 1990 by the Region, the protected territory borders to the north with the South Tyrolean park of Fanes, Sennes and Braies, and is made up of 9 integral reserves and 11 oriented reserves which cover 25% of the protected area: these characteristics have made the Park recognized by the European Community as a site of community importance.

Inside the Park there are characteristic villages worth seeing and establishments for alpine skiing. To access the Park areas, simply take the Falzarego Pass or proceed to the Cimabanche and Tre Croci . There is no shortage of ski lifts at Lagazuoi, Tofana and Cristallo which are also available during the summer season to reach high altitudes.

As far as trekking routes , the park has 8 via ferratas and 6 equipped paths to make the most of the wonders of nature and it is possible to find rest in 11 refuges designed to refresh and start the journey again. Furthermore, it is possible to use jeep or shuttle services to reach the starting points for the trails.

What to see at the Ampezzo Dolomites Park

The habitats of the Park are diversified and represent the perfect scenario for meeting many species of flora and fauna . Streams, lakes, high altitude forests and vertical rock faces are the natural refuge of many animals such as foxes, weasels, ibex and chamois, but also eagles and eagle owls, the rare three-toed woodpecker and above all the brown bear. You may encounter the famous marmot, emblem of these territories, as well as wild deer, squirrels and birdwatching rare birds.

Walking through the Ampezzo Dolomites Park means encountering natural environments of unique beauty and entering forests full of monumentally sized spruce trees , ancient beech and larch trees, coniferous forests and many mountain pines. You can admire endemic and rare species such as the Dolomite Houseleek which is the very symbol of the Park together with a truly wide variety of orchids.

Houseleek flowers from July to early August and is an endemic species in danger of extinction in Italy. This splendid, red flower that rises is a precious gift from nature that the Park tries in every way to protect through the dissemination and management of protected areas.

Why visit the Ampezzo Dolomites Park

The establishment of the Park as well as other Italian natural parks is essential for the protection of territories with rich biodiversity and particularly delicate ones. Visiting the Ampezzo Dolomites Park is an experience that teaches respect for nature and raises people's awareness of the importance of environmental protection . Furthermore, it is a one-of-a-kind adventure, ideal for those who want to get excited and spend a holiday full of beauty.

The Park offers suggestive scenery that accompanies moments of absolute peace and tranquility, but also of discovery and wonder dedicated to nature lovers. To enjoy this extraordinary regional park in complete freedom, it is advisable to book a private apartment in the towns of Cortina, Falcade or Cadore, which offers the possibility of having full freedom of movement for an adventurous or relaxing trip.


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