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The Sile river park: an adventure for the whole family

Holidays today have changed: at the end of the week, after a lot of work and days that are all the same, we want a bit of adventure, that right compromise which includes nature in its most flourishing state, a good dose of lack of tourists and various crowds and above all many fun activities, preferably outdoors. The Sile River Park offers all this and a lot: a beautiful naturalistic park suitable for everyone, couples, families and friends looking for a bit of healthy adventure and fun.

We are talking about a protected area that extends along the entire Sile river , a waterway that has enriched the territory and which sees mills and factories arise along its banks and which connects the provinces of Venice , Treviso and Padua . The springs are the focal point of the park where you can find equipped areas and many paths to follow on foot or by bicycle. Here at the Sile river amusement park you can have fun with nature, and together with guides it is possible to undertake many recreational activities also suitable for children and at the same time learn to appreciate the wonders of nature , in full respect of it.

If you intend to spend some time in Veneto, don't miss the opportunity of a different trip than usual to the Sile River Park.

The layout of the park and how to access it

This park extends for kilometers along what is one of the longest resurgence rivers in Europe. To access the park you often start from Treviso in the Casacorba . This stretch appears to be more interesting from a naturalistic point of view. In Treviso dialect the resurgence is called "Fontanassi": this area is characterized by a dense network of lakes and marshy areas of extraordinary charm.

Here you can enjoy a very quiet and peaceful area, between the low banks of the river and the delicate network of ponds and marshes rich in fauna. Also in this first stretch of the park are the famous mills of the ancient Serenissima Republic since the grain destined for the city of Venice came from here.

Continuing along the course of the Sile river you will see its appearance change: the banks go from low to raised and cycle and pedestrian paths wind along these, ideal for admiring the landscape heritage from different points of view. Now all you have to do is follow the river to the sea to once again admire a series of suggestive lakes that are home to interesting aquatic birds.

The biodiversity of these marshy areas is truly surprising, as is the historical and cultural heritage of this park. The ancient mills create a melancholic and reflective scenario, partly reconstructed they can be visited and one of them houses the ethnographic museum to allow everyone to delve deeper into the historical roots of this place.

What to see at the Sile Park

The cycle and pedestrian route along the river is called GiraSile and runs for 90 km of cycle path which from the equipped part near Casacorba reaches Portegrandi on the Venice Lagoon.

GiraSile offers many possibilities for circular routes, such as the ring of river villages which includes the Via Claudia Augusta near Casale del Sile and which also includes Quarto d'Altino and the Port of Cendon.

You can visit the Oasis of Cervara , still in the Sile countryside, starting from Quinto di Treviso to see the Mill of Cervara and the Barbasso swamp, but one of the major attractions of the river remains the so-called "Burci cemetery" of Casier , reachable from the Treviso walls and which sees an ancient cemetery of ancient boats for transporting goods that sailed along the Sile.

In Canizzano-Treviso we organize canoe tours along the river with an expert guide who will allow you to enter the heart of Treviso: on this silent tour you will have the opportunity to admire the church of S. Angelo immersed in the reeds, the intertwining games of the plants aquatics and the flight of magnificent river birds.

Finally, visiting the Sile river park is just one of the numerous adventures that can be experienced while discovering the most authentic Veneto and to do this it is always advisable to stop and sleep for a few nights so as to be enchanted by the magic of this region. How can you do it while spending little? By booking an apartment online in advance.


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