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Typical cuisine of the Veneto: typical dishes and traditional wines

Typical cuisine of the Veneto: typical dishes and traditional wines

Each area and province in Veneto has its typical dishes. Many culinary elements recur in the different recipes, such as cod . Prepared in the Vicenza style, it is softened by soaking, pounded and cooked over a low heat for hours, while in Venice it is easier to find creamed cod obtained by pounding fish and oil (both variants are tasty).

Very famous is Venetian liver , i.e. veal with onions and a drop of white wine usually served with white polenta (made with pearl white corn).

Among the tastiest first courses in the entire region are bigoli : fresh egg pasta thicker than spaghetti, of Vicenza origin (but now found everywhere), perfect with duck ragù.

Risotto is a dish that often recurs in Venetian menus and there is something for all tastes: risi e bisi , poor but tasty in the variant with peas, tastasal, more substantial in the Veronese style made with pork, risotto with the tench, with the frogs, or with the pessin (very small fish from the rice fields).

In the Treviso area, but not only, you can taste the delicious risotto with radicchio. As a "noble" appetizer you can find liver pâté with onions and parsley, or Treviso radicchio cooked on the grill or with eggs in a kind of omelette.

Asiago DOP cheese (since 1996) has medieval origins and is still produced on the Asiago Plateau today with great success: it has different maturation times (medium, old and very old).

Wine , in Veneto, is an ancient tradition: Breganze Torcolato, Bardolino, Valpolicella, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are just some of the wines of the region famous throughout the world.

Added to these is another tradition: the Spritz , the typical aperitif based on Aperol, prosecco and soda with the addition of ice and a slice of orange, was born right here and the Venetians remember it every evening in the square with their friends.


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