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What to see in Belluno: historic center, surroundings and the Dolomites

Belluno, framed by the majestic mountains of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park , offers a cozy and well-kept historic center that can be explored in a few hours. Exploring the city is an experience that envelops visitors in a unique charm, transporting them to a cozy, romantic and relaxing historic centre.

The narrow streets of the center invite you to stroll without haste, offering suggestive views of welcoming squares and historic buildings that narrate the rich history of the city. The romantic character of Belluno emerges in its paved alleys and welcoming squares, creating an intimate and evocative atmosphere. Discovering Belluno means immersing yourself in an atmosphere where history blends with the sweetness of provincial life, giving visitors an authentic and unforgettable experience.

What to see in Belluno

Belluno, an enchanting jewel in the heart of Veneto , hides so many monuments to visit but within a very limited radius and this is why it is possible to see them all in one day.

Piazza dei Martiri is the beating heart of Belluno, this charming square is surrounded by elegant historic buildings, including the Cathedral of San Martino. The panoramic view enjoyed from this place is simply breathtaking, offering an unparalleled view of the city's rooftops and the Dolomites in the background. An architectural masterpiece, the Duomo dates back to the 15th century and features an impressive façade and an interior full of works of art.

The Palazzo dei Rettori is a sumptuous palace, located near Piazza dei Martiri, it was the residence of the Venetian rectors in the 15th century. Today, it houses the Civic Museum , where visitors can admire art collections and historical artifacts that tell the story of the city. The museum is an open window on the history, art and culture of the region. Its collections include archaeological finds, paintings, sculptures and artefacts that tell the story of the Belluno community over the centuries.

Finally, the following remain to be visited:

  • the Portico Fountain : located in the heart of the historic center, this 16th century fountain is a point of reference and a meeting place for those who live in the city;
  • the Church of San Pietro : another architectural pearl, the Church of San Pietro is an example of Gothic style. The frescoes and works of art that adorn the interior make this church a place of contemplation and beauty.

Places to visit near Belluno

The Blue Grotto of Mel is a natural jewel hidden in the woods of Valbelluna. Its waters with a thousand bright shades are a delight for the eyes, and the walk to reach it, albeit with some slippery sections, is a memorable experience. As well as the Brent de l'Art ; an extraordinary canyon with sinuous curves and artistic colours, shaped by the millenary action of the Ardo stream. A circular route of approximately 1 hour and a half between woods and pastures allows you to admire this natural masterpiece.

Instead, in the municipality of Sospirolo , the Soffia Waterfall offers a spectacle of 12 meters of power, with caves to explore when the lake level is low. An adventure through tunnels and passages carved into the rock. Next to the Soffia waterfall are the Cadini del Brenton , large erosion potholes created over thousands of years by the incessant flow of the stream. Pools of water of various depths connected by small waterfalls make the landscape fascinating.

Cornolade waterfalls and Bus del Buson

Let's now see two other natural wonders in the Dolomites to visit for those who are in Belluno, a stone's throw from the historic center of Belluno, the Cornolade Waterfalls are a place unknown to mass tourism but worthy of a stop. Two waterfalls of about 30 meters fall into emerald pools, surrounded by reddish-hued canyons. The Bus del Buson , however, is a secret place, a canyon suspended on the side of the mountain. Once crossed by the stream, now dry and passable on foot, it offers an experience of surreal silence and the majesty of the rocky walls.

After the visit to the Bus del Buson, it is possible to stop at the Pont de la Mortis . With its turquoise waters flowing into a narrow gorge in the "red scale", this enchanted place seems to come from tropical lands. Finally, even if it is located not far from Belluno, the Caglieron Cave Park offers us a walk in a fantastic naturalistic world, with walkways suspended in the rock, caves, waterfalls and natural pools.

Sleeping in Belluno: a strategic choice

Belluno, in addition to being a fascinating city rich in history, also proves to be a strategic point for exploring the whole of Veneto in an intelligent and convenient way. Its privileged position, framed by the majestic Dolomites , makes it not only an ideal place for a visit, but also a strategic hub for discovering the renowned surrounding cities.

Booking an apartment to sleep in Belluno online allows you not only to enjoy advantageous rates, but also to plan intelligent itineraries that allow you to save time and energy when exploring cities such as:

Belluno thus becomes the perfect starting point for venturing throughout the Veneto , allowing travelers to optimize their budget without sacrificing the quality of the experience.


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