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What to see in Feltre and surroundings

Feltre, a pretty town in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and lapped by the waters of the Piave river. Also known as a vertical village, Feltre stands out for its unique geographical layout, with a lower and an upper part, which gives the city a charm all its own.

What to see in Feltre

In this fascinating village, there are numerous places to visit and a detailed overview can be of great help to those who are organizing a trip. Let us therefore explore in more detail the points of interest that make Feltre so special and evocative such as, for example, the Teatro De la Sena , located in the heart of the Palazzo della Ragione . Built in the 17th century and restored over the centuries, the theater has hosted memorable performances by great artists, including the famous playwright Carlo Goldoni. The Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo , located at the foot of Colle delle Capre, represents the main religious building of Feltre and dates back to the 12th century.

Alboino Castle and archaeological area

The first two points of interest in Feltre to visit are the Alboino castle and the city archaeological area. The Alboino Castle , an imposing fortress that overlooks the old city of Feltre, is the symbol par excellence of the city. Its origins date back to the Lombard era, although the existence of a previous Roman defensive tower in the same place is hypothesized. Positioned on the top of a hill, it offers a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding valleys.

Instead, hidden under the churchyard of the Feltre Cathedral, the archaeological area offers a journey into the city's past, allowing visitors to explore an entire Roman neighborhood of ancient Feltria. With approximately 1000 m2 of extension , the area reveals the remains of homes and streets of the time, with a central building decorated with fine marble and mosaic floors. The guided tour of the archaeological area is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of Feltre.

Carlo Rizzarda Modern Art Gallery and Civic Museum

Dedicated to the works of the famous wrought iron artist Carlo Rizzarda, the Carlo Rizzarda Modern Art Gallery is housed in the charming Palazzo Bovio-Villabruna Cumano . The collection includes over 400 artefacts, including gates, lamps and railings, testimony to the skill and mastery of local craftsmanship.

While, the Civic Museum and the Diocesan Museum of Feltre offer an extraordinary overview of the art and history of the city. Located respectively at Palazzo Villabruna and the ancient Bishopric, these museums house paintings, sculptures, jewels and sacred furnishings, offering a journey through the centuries and different eras that have marked the history of Feltre.

Excursions in the surroundings of Feltre: between nature and adventure

Feltre, framed by the mighty Feltrine peaks and surrounded by the evocative Belluno Dolomites National Park , presents itself as a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. Here, a wide variety of opportunities awaits those who wish to immerse themselves in the wild beauty of the mountains.

Among the natural treasures of Feltre, the Vincheto di Celarda , a biogenetic nature reserve that presents itself as an oasis of biodiversity and natural splendor. Perfect for relaxing walks and observation of local fauna and flora, this reserve enchants visitors with breathtaking views and rich biological diversity, providing an unforgettable experience for the whole family. While Val Canzoi , with its picturesque Lake Stua and its suggestive nature trails, stands as a paradise for hikers and mountain lovers. Offering an accessible yet rewarding route, this valley allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Belluno Dolomites and enjoy breathtaking views along the way.

Finally, nestled between the imposing mountain peaks, Lake Corlo represents an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty. With its scenic trails and crystal-clear waters, this enchanting place invites rejuvenating walks and relaxing picnics along its banks, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

For those who love hiking, the ascent from the Croce d'Aune pass to the Rifugio dal Piaz is a fascinating experience that offers breathtaking views and a stimulating challenge for the most adventurous hikers. Through panoramic paths and centuries-old woods, visitors can reach the refuge and enjoy a well-deserved break immersed in the uncontaminated nature of the Belluno Dolomites. The refuge, with its welcoming atmosphere and traditional cuisine, represents the ideal starting point to further explore the natural wonders of the Feltre surroundings.

What to see in Feltre: let's draw conclusions

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