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When to come to Veneto: events not to be missed

When to come to Veneto: events not to be missed

Veneto is a holiday destination suitable for every season . If you want to visit a Venetian city, its architectural beauties, its museums, streets and squares, the best periods are autumn and spring: it is not too hot or too cold and you can wander around fully enjoying your holiday.

For Venice , in addition to the climate, you also have to deal with tourism: it is better to avoid the months of excessive attendance such as the summer ones and prefer months such as October and November.

For those who love the mountains , winter is the ideal season to indulge in skiing and other alpine sports, perhaps preferring February and March when snow and good weather are still guaranteed, or in summer, if you are looking for fresh air and nature 'high altitude.

the seaside resorts are an excellent destination starting in spring and, above all, in summer, thanks to the very pleasant mild climate.

Events and shows in Veneto

One of the oldest and most famous events in the world is the Venice Carnival , deeply felt throughout the region. The lagoon city is filled with tourists who give life to colorful dances, shows and celebrations of all kinds. The mask is a must, if you forget it at home, take advantage of the old shops of the lagoon to take on the appearance of a nineteenth-century lady or nobleman. Unmissable, on this occasion, is the Flight of the Angel from the Campanile of San Marco.

But we also go to Venice for the Venice Biennale of art, theatre, architecture and cinema. The latter also known as the Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica , or Mostra del Cinema , has been organized for almost 70 years. The venue is the Lido of Venice in the Palazzo del Cinema, where the "Golden Lion" is awarded.

In Marostica living chess match takes place : it takes place on the second weekend of September in even years (as ancient tradition dictates). Here, players, in medieval dress, compete on a huge black and white marble chessboard. The first match dates back to 1454, when two warriors (Rinaldo d'Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara) fell in love with Lionora, daughter of the lord of Marostica: they proposed a duel to have her as his wife, but Lionora's father proposed a chess challenge to win the damsel's love.

In the splendid Arena of Verona Opera Festival is renewed every year , held in the summer months, and stages the greatest melodramas, such as Aida , Bohème , La Traviata , Romeo and Juliet , Nabucco . Also in Verona, we take a step back in time with the International Street Games Festival , called Tocatì , during which a multitude of children play by throwing a wheel of cheese far away, or playing bowls in the streets of the city.

In the province of Belluno Mel International Choral Singing Festival is held There are usually three evenings that are organized in the Zumelle Castle or outdoors in the courtyard of the Palazzo delle Contesse.

Finally, there are various historical re-enactments in costume throughout the Veneto, where the regional past is deeply felt: the Palio di Feltre recalls the entry of the city under Venice; the Palio of Noale has medieval origins while that of the Marciliana is held in Chioggia and commemorates various city festivals.


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