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Venice: tourist cards and passes to save money in the lagoon city

Venice is a unique city steeped in history, art and culture, it can be a fascinating but expensive place. For those looking to optimize their budget, there is a truly wide range of tourist cards and passes that offer cheaper access to the main artistic and cultural sites of the city. Let's see what are the options that can be taken into consideration by travellers.

Museum Pass Venice and Venizia Unica City Pass

The Venice Museum Pass stands out for its breadth, offering access to nine cultural realities spread across the main islands and Murano and Burano. Among the gems included are Palazzo Ducale, Carlo Goldoni's house and the Glass Museum in Murano. With validity of 6 months and rates differentiated by age, this card is really interesting and can also be of interest to residents.

The Venezia Unica City Pass , on the other hand, is a complete ticket that allows access to the main artistic and cultural places, also offering discounts and discounts in shops and restaurants. Valid for up to 3 months from activation, this card includes entry to the Doge's Palace, the Civic Museums, the churches of the Chorus circuit and more. The additional options also allow unlimited use of vaporettos and transfers to/from Marco Polo airport, guaranteeing complete coverage of tourist needs and is suitable for those who want to visit the city without additional stress.

The Venezia Unica City Pass, in particular, stands out for its versatility. In addition to priority access to the Doge's Palace, Civic Museums, Chorus Pass, Querini Stampalia Foundation, Jewish Museum, and more, the card offers discounts for exhibitions, cultural events, audio guide rental and more . Prices range from €52.90 for adults, with discounts for youth and additional options for transportation, Wi-Fi and more.

San Marco City Pass: an experience concentrated in Piazza San Marco

The San Marco City Pass is a more concentrated version of the Venezia Unica City Pass, offering single access to the Doge's Palace and three civic museums in Piazza San Marco . Valid for two years, this card also allows a free visit to the Querini Stampalia Foundation and three churches chosen from those in the Chorus circuit, offering a concentrated but complete experience.

Chorus Pass: a journey through the churches of Venice

The Chorus Pass focuses on the rich ecclesiastical heritage of Venice, allowing the exploration of seventeen churches belonging to the Chorus Association. With a validity of one year, this card offers significant savings compared to the single purchase of church tickets, allowing an authentic immersion in Venetian spirituality and art.

MySpecialVenice and The Venice Pass

MySpecialVenice offers a digital approach to tourism cards, with three options to choose from: “Art and Music,” “Patrons of Culture,” and “Full.” This card allows you to visit places such as Palazzo Grassi, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the La Fenice Theatre, offering discounts at the places included and allowing for a unique customization of the cultural experience.

The Venice Pass , on the other hand, offers a complete trip between monuments, museums and unique experiences at discounted prices. Available in 24 and 48 hour versions, this card also includes the option to travel freely on public transport. The additional transportation option offers additional benefits, ensuring a smooth experience full of cultural discoveries. Really suitable for those who visit Venice and have a few days available.

Venice Pass: a 360 degree exploration of the city

The Venice Pass, not to be confused with the previous one, offers access to iconic places in Venice, gondola rides, walking tours and discounts on other attractions. With a web app for self-guided tours and an app with descriptions of over 100 points of interest, this card promises a complete immersion in the history and beauty of Venice.

The Venice Discovery Pass , on the other hand, is similar to the previous one but also includes transport-related solutions. It offers priority access to the Doge's Palace, the Chorus Pass, public boat transport to/from the airport and unlimited use of public transport in the municipality of Venice. This card is ideal for those who want a complete package that combines culture and transport convenience.

How to visit Venice: let's draw conclusions

With a wide range of tourist card options in Venice, visitors have the opportunity to plan their experience flexibly and conveniently, so why not stay overnight in the same way ? That is, by simply, easily and quickly booking an apartment where you can enjoy your privacy and independence.


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