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Enjoy a show at the ancient Roman Theater of Verona

For those visiting Verona, one of the most extraordinary testimonies of ancient Rome is the Roman Theatre. This structure dates back to the 1st century AD, and is one of the most significant examples of Roman architecture in Italy. Built during the time of Emperor Augustus , it is an engineering marvel that still enchants visitors with its majesty today. The architects of the time, with an advanced vision, conceived a structure that combined functionality and aesthetic beauty and which still captures attention today.

Enjoying a show at the Verona theater: today

This ancient jewel, perched on the hill of San Pietro , is an experience that goes far beyond the simple spectacle and allows you to admire Verona from above. During the summer months, this theater takes on a life of its own. The nights are filled with magic with a rich program that ranges from prose to dance, from open-air cinema to the enchantment of jazz and contemporary music . The atmosphere is full of emotions, expectations, an energy that fits perfectly with the millenary aura of the place. Arriving at sunset is an experience in itself. The sun hides behind the remains of the theater, painting the sky in shades of red and orange. The Adige flows impetuously, giving a natural soundtrack that combines with human art in a unique harmony.

Here is an ancient place that revives its ancient glories and allows you to enjoy shows in a dream location. In fact, although the size is more intimate than the Arena, the steps offer an incomparable view . Impeccable acoustics ensure that every note, every word, reaches the viewer's heart with extraordinary precision. Artists of the caliber of Rufus Wainwright, Patti Smith and Francesco De Gregori have performed here.

The archaeological museum of the Roman theater of Verona

For those who immerse themselves in the historical beauty of the Roman Theater and the city of Verona, an essential stop is the archaeological museum . This treasure chest of centuries-old testimonies is an integral part of the experience, offering a fascinating window into the past and the deep roots of this extraordinary city. This place of knowledge and profound understanding awaits the visitor and takes him to immerse himself in the intricate plots of Veronese history.

The Roman theater of Verona: the oldest building in the city

The Roman Theater of Verona is the oldest building in the city. Strategically positioned on the San Pietro hill, it skilfully exploited the natural slope of the land. The city of Verona, since its foundation, saw the Adige river divide its territory, with a flat part that embraced the characteristic bend of the river, and the other that extended around and above the San Pietro hill.

The theater was built between the two Roman bridges, one of which, the Ponte Pietra, still admirable today, which connected the two banks of the city. Unfortunately, over the centuries, much of this extraordinary monument in Verona was stripped of its stones, which were reused to erect medieval towers and sumptuous palaces, ending up being partly overlooked by new buildings. Only towards the end of the 19th century, thanks to the pioneering work of Andrea Monga , a doctor passionate about archaeology, and the interest of the Municipality of Verona, was the area that had housed the Theater for almost two millennia finally acquired. The modest homes that had gradually settled on the auditorium were demolished, and it was possible to bring to light what still remained of the magnificent Roman Theatre.

Prepare a visit to Verona

Verona offers many enchanting places , in addition to the Roman theatre, and a few hours' trip is not enough to discover them all. The best thing to do then is to book accommodation in a smart way to be able to enjoy every single monument and place to visit. Furthermore, in this way it is possible to set off to discover the Veneto in a complete way.


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