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What to see in Legnago: historic center, the Salieri Theater and surroundings

Located in the lower Veronese area, the town of Legnago marks a historical and cultural point of reference not to be missed, a few kilometers from Verona . Mindful of its famous military past, Legnago stands out along the Adige river and represents a base for all those who want to visit Verona , Mantua or Padua or want a complete tour of the towns in the Verona area.

Legnago has a strategic position to say the least, which is why it has undergone various occupations in the past, from the Lombard to that of the Habsburg Empire. The medieval Fortress City still bears witness to that past which becomes a source of considerable cultural interest. Here culture can be breathed in the air and experienced in an active and engaging way: here is what to see in Legnago, and beyond.

The historic center of Legnago

The historic center of Legnago sees a succession of considerable tourism all year round. In addition to welcoming and affordable accommodations, tourists appreciate the cultural life of the historic center of Legnago and its particular history. A history that has remote origins, even prehistoric and then Etruscan, but which can be traced back more than anything else to the golden age of Legnago: the Middle Ages, a time period in which Legnago's role as a stronghold and its strategic importance are highlighted.

The fortifications are a sign of this, of which the ancient Porta Mantova remains, near Piazza Garibaldi, and the Neoclassical Cathedral dedicated to San Martino Vescovo and located in Piazza della Libertà. In addition to being a military centre, Legnago was an economically very prolific city, a factor that revived the artistic and cultural side of the city.

In the church of S. Salvaro, now a FAI asset, a beautiful Pietà , demonstrating the artistic movement experienced in that very profitable period, together with other votive statues and works of the Veronese school. There is no shortage of Venetian-style buildings, used by the Austrians to strengthen the Quadrilateral which also included Mantua, Peschiera and Verona. All that remains of the large fortified city are some parts of the ancient castle, in particular the Torrione dating back to the 16th century and formerly used as a prison, located in the main Piazza della Libertà.

In Legnago, however, you cannot help but come across monuments in memory of the internationally renowned musician born in this city in 1750, Antonio Salieri . The Salieri Theater is dedicated to him, a majestic opera house that is still alive and a prolific place of culture that presents an interesting theatrical programme.

Still to be seen are the Bell Tower of San Rocco, dating back to the seventeenth century and the last survivor of the demolition of the church, the Historical Museum of the Palazzo Fioroni Foundation , which preserves authentic medieval finds such as swords and armour, and the Archaeological Museum , a building which houses several prehistoric finds from the surrounding plains with an interesting section dedicated to the necropolis.

Explore the surroundings of Legnago

The lower Veronese area lends itself to interesting tours that explore the cultural, social and industrial life of the locality. Legnago, in particular, is today one of the main industrial centers in the area. Not far away you can visit the village of Cologna Veneta , founded in 170 BC. Or Villafranca di Verona , another large industrial center in Verona which features the Nicolis Museum of Automobiles, Technology and Mechanics, a real gem for lovers of transport and their evolution. Another village in the heart of the Veronese plain is Zevio , also along the Adige river and which lends itself to an exceptional cultural visit.

Legnago therefore represents only a part of a larger flat area that is particularly prolific on an industrial and cultural level, as well as a quiet and pleasant starting point for a tour of the Veronese plain and the city of Verona. Precisely for this reason, booking an apartment online quickly and without stress in Legnago is truly a smart way of preparing a tour of the Veneto region in style.


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