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Exploring Asiago: an adventure in the Plateau

Asiago, and the plateau of the same name, is a small jewel of the province of Vicenza, where the peaks of the Venetian Prealps blend with a rich history and a truly fascinating culture waiting to be discovered. The city attracts many visitors every year for its outdoor activities and its history. Famous for the cheese of the same name , it offers an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a relaxing or adventurous holiday and with Bassano del Grappa and Marostica nearby it is also possible to budget for several road trips.

The places of the Great War in Asiago

The Asiago Plateau was the scene of crucial battles during the First World War , and today it is a region permeated by history, commemorative monuments and museums that tell the stories experienced by soldiers on the mountain front. Discovering these places is one of the many things you can do in Asiago and its surroundings

Leiten Military Shrine

The Leiten Military Shrine is a tangible symbol of the impact of war on the Asiago Plateau. Located on the top of Leiten Hill, this impressive memorial houses the remains of over 50,000 Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers . Built with local cement and marble, the shrine offers a panoramic view of the sites of the bloodiest battles. Its imposing dimensions, with a base of 80 meters per side and a height of 47 metres, are testimony to the respect and honor for the fallen of the Great War.

Next to the crypt of the Leiten Shrine is the Shrine Museum , a place that delves into the history of the Great War fought in the mountain area from the Adige to the Brenta. Here, visitors can explore historical documents, vintage photographs and memorabilia collected from the battlefields, which tell of the harsh living conditions at the front and the bloody fighting.

Museum of the Great War of Canove

The Great War Museum of Canove , set up in a former railway station, offers a more intimate view of the war, with a rich collection of weapons, uniforms, medals and soldiers' personal objects . This museum, born from the initiative of local residents in the 1970s, represents a tangible tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the people who lived through those dark years.

Fort Verena and Fort Interrotto

On Mount Verena stands the Verena fort , which played a crucial role in the first days of the conflict, when it was the place from which the first Italian cannon shot was fired. Now restored and open to visitors, the fort offers a unique opportunity to explore the trenches and observation posts used during the war.

Instead, Fort Interrotto , built in the 19th century with a design more reminiscent of a medieval castle than a military fortress, was used as a strategic observation point during the Great War.

Walking on the Alpine roads

For the more passionate, during an excursion to Mount Cengio, it is possible to visit Fort Corbin , recently restored and open to the public. This Italian fort from the Great War tells the story of the life of soldiers at the front and the story of its construction.

Finally, an invitation for the fittest to discover the Alpine Calvary itinerary on Mount Ortigara is a tribute to the tragic battles that took place in this region. Although the route requires a challenging hike of approximately 4 hours, the historical evidence along the trail is worth every effort, offering a moving insight into one of the most painful chapters in Italian history.

Trips suitable for the whole family

While the Asiago Plateau is renowned for its history linked to the Great War, it also offers a wide range of attractions for the whole family and nature lovers. In addition to the monuments and museums dedicated to wartime history, there are enchanting places and fun activities to discover.

For those who want to live a magical and fun experience, the Gnome village . Immersed in the greenery of woods and meadows, this theme park takes the visitor into the enchanted world of small creatures. Following the path in the woods to the village of wooden houses, where visual and sound effects will make you believe you are entering the kingdom of the gnomes. With trampolines, slides, swings and more, it's a paradise for children and a lovely place for the whole family.

While for those who prefer a quiet walk surrounded by nature, the Trenino road is ideal. This flat route follows the ancient railway that connected Asiago, offering breathtaking views along the way. Starting from the Millepini Park, near the historic center of Asiago, and arriving at Tresche Conca , it is suitable for strollers and bicycles, making it easy to explore this alpine landscape effortlessly.

Asiago Astronomical Observatory

Suitable for all those who are fascinated by the stars and the universe, Asiago offers an unmissable opportunity. The Astronomical Observatory of Asiago , in fact, is located in a privileged place for observing the night sky and during the summer months offers unique opportunities to those who want to have the privilege of observing the stars.

To see the magnificent stars of Asiago and discover the culture that permeates the historic center of the city and all the naturalistic excursions, it is important to book an apartment online to be able to stay a few more days in the peace where war once raged.


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