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Marostica: what to see in the most important medieval complex in Veneto

Perhaps you have already heard of the medieval city of Marostica and now we will tell you why. In this location not far from Vicenza or Bassano del Grappa , a particular event is held, a truly unique folklore show. It takes place every second weekend of September of all even years and is the " Chess game with living characters " which lasts about 2 hours. For the occasion, more than 600 people play a game of chess in costume in which they play the pawns of the noble game. A historical re-enactment famous throughout the world in which you will find figures of all kinds, from girls to knights, court ladies and many other typical characters of the Middle Ages.

Aside from the event, which can be considered unmissable, Marostica represents a quality destination in which to spend a weekend or to visit in more depth. The most beautiful walled city in the Veneto offers many opportunities to have fun and make exceptional cultural discoveries. The historic center remains, by the will of those who live there, authentic and with a particular atmosphere. Here the souvenir shops tell centuries-long family stories, and the walls speak of ancient battles, stories of power and much more.

The Walls of Marostica

The walls of Marostica are the predominant feature of the most important medieval city in the Veneto. The city wall extends from Colle Pausolino and reaches the historic center and acts as a connection between the two Castles, the Upper and the Lower and is approximately 2 km long . The crenellated walls are interspersed with small towers in which the gates that gave access to the city are located.

To admire the famous walls, simply walk along the Sentiero dei Carmini, which allows you to enjoy panoramic points and viewpoints through the battlements of the Upper Castle. Another key feature of the medieval city of Marostica is undoubtedly the chess square , officially known as Piazza Castello.

The best point from which to photograph it is from the patrol walk of the Lower Castle: the square dates back to the fourteenth century and has a rectangular shape surrounded by splendid stately buildings and Venetian architecture. The central floor of the square is paved in Liston stone where the famous chessboard is located.

Lower Castle overlooks the square, built in the same period as the square at the request of the Scaligeri family who used the building both as a customs house and as a residence. Today, the castle houses the museum of medieval chess costumes as well as the Game Armory. It is also possible to visit the loggia, the Piano Nobile and also the prisons, as well as the patrol walk.

From the Lower Castle you move on to the Upper Castle which is located on Mount Pausolino from which there is a wonderful view over the whole of Marostica. In this sense, the Castle enjoys the best view and the walk that takes you to the Castle is a pleasant stretch through the center of Marostica and an olive grove. At the upper castle it is also possible to watch a falconry demonstration in full medieval style.

The cherry tree path and the activities not to be missed in Marostica

If you love trekking then you cannot miss walking the Cherry Tree Path which goes from Marostica to Pianezze and which presents itself in all its beauty during flowering, from the end of March to the beginning of April. It extends for 10 km with a difference in altitude of 350 meters and can be traveled in both directions. If you start from Pianezze you will arrive in Marostica from Porta Breganzina and you can stop to have an aperitif in the square and visit the castles.

of walks in the surroundings of Marostica and are suitable for both hikers and lovers of local history and culture who wish to explore the surroundings. Bassano del Grappa is located a short distance away and you can take the opportunity to visit both cities even by bicycle, perhaps staying in the splendid medieval city. Furthermore, you can leave for a visit to the Palladian Villas.

The peculiarity of these places and of Marostica is that they are places loved and particularly felt by the locals, who are committed to maintaining authentic and true experiences. You will not find petty tourism but only the real beauty of the most beautiful and important medieval city in the Veneto .

To fully enjoy this experience we always recommend booking an apartment online in advance ; in this way it will be possible to discover Veneto, Marostica and the nearby cities in complete freedom and with a reduced budget.


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