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The mystery of the Infamous Column in Corso Palladio, in Vicenza

Vicenza , a jewel set among the rolling hills of Veneto, fascinates visitors with its architectural elegance and the richness of its thousand-year history. However, behind the majestic Renaissance palaces and picturesque squares, there are intriguing mysteries waiting to be revealed . The city, permeated by an atmosphere full of secrets and enigmas, presents itself as a stage where every corner tells compelling stories and hidden adventures.

From ancient alleys to noble palaces, Vicenza holds mysteries that are intertwined with the past, suggesting that behind every facade there is a story to be discovered. We invite the adventurous to immerse themselves in the narrow streets and silent courtyards, to explore the hidden details of the works of art and to be transported by the intrinsic magic of this city full of secrets.

The city offers itself as a compelling experience, a cradle of mysteries waiting to be revealed. We invite lovers of enigma and enchantment to get lost among its centuries-old streets and let themselves be guided by curiosity, because behind every door there could be a fascinating secret ready to capture the imagination of anyone who decides to explore the mysterious depths of this fascinating city Venetian.

The infamous column of Vicenza: let's understand the context

To fully understand the context of the Colonna Infame of Corso Palladio, it is essential to immerse yourself in 16th century Vicenza, an era characterized by a complex network of intrigues, rivalries and conflicts between noble families. In this scenario, the figure of Galeazzo from Rome , a wealthy citizen with a passion for occultism and weapons. The 16th century saw many Vicenza families involved in incessant conflicts, often resolved with duels in Piazza dei Signori or Campo Marzo. Passions, honors and personal affronts fueled a climate of constant tension, contributing to the escalation of situations that would have had fatal consequences.

The ancient mystery of the Palladian column

Galeazzo da Rome, afflicted by the offense suffered by the Valmarana family, undertook a series of actions that would have shaken the tranquility of the city, in fact, his sister, Isabetta, in love with Alberto Valmarana , found herself rejected and, to re-establish a presumed family honour, Galeazzo began sending death threats to all members of the Valmarana family.

The tragedy reached its peak on 3 July 1548 , when Galeazzo from Rome, together with accomplices, broke into the Valmarana house. The assassination of Alberto Valmarana and his brothers, the violence perpetrated against the servants and the assassination of the notary Monza are events that have indelibly marked the history of Vicenza.

In memory of the horrors perpetrated by Galeazzo from Rome, the city erected the Infamous Colonna in Corso Palladio. This monument, located on the rubble of Galeazzo's house, serves as a perpetual reminder of the crimes committed. The inscription on the column describes in detail the atrocious murders of July 3, 1548 , underlining the gravity of the events.

The plaque placed at the end of Corso Palladio, under the portico of the Traverso bookshop, contains the memory of Galeazzo da Roma and his accomplices. Its engraved text offers tangible testimony to one of the darkest moments in Vicenza's history, commemorating the victims and condemning the attackers.

Visit Vicenza

Vicenza, with its thousand-year history and cultural richness, reveals itself as a destination full of charm and secrets hidden in every corner. A single day is not enough to fully explore its beauties, and every step reveals new wonders, including the mystery of the Infamous Column , an indelible symbol of a dark past. Planning a tour to visit Vicenza requires time and attention: among Andrea Palladio's architectural gems , the evocative squares and cultural treasures, traces of fascinating stories emerge that deserve to be explored in depth.

To take full advantage of the experience and immerse yourself in the details of this fascinating city, the solution is to consider a longer stay. Booking an apartment online in advance and smartly offers an ideal solution. With a longer stay, travelers can dedicate time to calmly explore every corner of the city , discover its secrets and be captivated by the magic that only Vicenza can offer. In this way, the tour becomes a complete and fulfilling experience, allowing visitors to completely immerse themselves in the history, art and culture of Vicenza.


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