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What to eat in Vicenza: unmissable typical Vicenza dishes

Vicenza , a city steeped in thousand-year history and culture, is not only a place of monuments and art, but also a gastronomic treasure that tells stories through authentic flavors and culinary traditions passed down from generation to generation. Exploring the streets and squares of Vicenza , immersing yourself in its many attractions, can awaken your appetite and curiosity to discover another fascinating aspect of this city.

The Vicenza table is a true treasure chest of local delights that deserve to be savored to fully understand the culinary essence of the city. Discovering what local cuisine is not just a culinary journey, but a way to come into contact with the history, culture and identity of the Vicenza community.

A journey through the flavors of Vicenza

We begin our journey through local flavors with Sopressa Vicentina, a PDO cured meat that represents an excellence of the province of Vicenza. Its sweet, delicate and at the same time spicy flavor makes it the undisputed protagonist of lunches and dinners, often accompanied by the classic polenta, both in the creamy and sliced ​​versions.

If we talk about dishes that embody the soul of Vicenza cuisine, Vicenza-style cod must be tried by all those who like its taste. Prepared with stockfish, this rich and substantial dish is a triumph of flavours. The Confraternita del Bacalà alla Vicentina , custodian of the original recipe, celebrates this dish with the Bacalà Festival in Sandrigo, a town in the province of Vicenza.

Furthermore, how can we not mention the bigoli con l'arna , fresh pasta with a diameter of approximately 3-4 mm, seasoned with duck sauce, are an authentic delicacy. The rough pasta dough allows the flavor of the sauce to be perfectly retained, creating a dish that explodes with flavour. Bigoli with duck are widespread throughout the Veneto, but in Vicenza they are particularly appreciated.

Among the most popular comfort food dishes in Vicenza, pasta and beans . The local version of this dish uses thin tagliatelle or fettuccine broken up with the prized Lamon PGI beans, giving an intense and super energetic flavour, perfect for warming up cold ones. winter evenings. Finally, let's explore a dish that embodies the seasonality and freshness of Vicenza cuisine: risotto with bruscandoli. These hop shoots, discovered in the region, are the protagonists of a light risotto with a delicate flavour.

Typical products of Vicenza

In addition to the dishes, Vicenza boasts a rich variety of typical products, such as:

  • Creazzo fiolaree broccoli;
  • The red radicchio of Asigliano;
  •  The Marostica cherry;
  • Bassano del Grappa asparagus;
  • Asiago DOP cheese.

All to be enjoyed with the right selection of typical white or red wines from the Veneto for an unmissable food and wine experience.

The flavors of Vicenza: the point of the situation

Exploring the artistic and architectural beauties of Vicenza requires time and total immersion in the richness of its history and culture, or in addition to contemplating the splendid monuments, fully living the Vicenza experience also means exploring the unique taste of its cuisine.

To fully grasp the essence of this city, dedicating one or two days becomes a fundamental choice. Booking an apartment in a simple and smart way as an intelligent and safe accommodation adds a touch of intimacy to your trip. It thus becomes possible to enjoy well-furnished and equipped personal spaces, creating a welcoming environment that adapts to your needs and rhythms. Booking an apartment is a smart way to optimize your time in Vicenza, providing you with a strategic base to explore not only the iconic works of art and architecture, but also the culinary delights that characterize this city. Indulging in this complete experience allows you to fully experience the charm of Vicenza, transforming your visit into an authentic and memorable adventure.


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