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organize check-in

Here's what you need to know

How do I book check-in?

You can book an appointment for your check-in by defining the most convenient time for you with the local office manager. Check-in takes place directly at the apartment you booked and is by appointment only.

One of our operators will show you the house and the room you rented. During check-in, after receiving all the information and completing the necessary paperwork, you will receive your new house keys.

Check-in is by appointment only.

What happens if I'm late?

For any delays or problems encountered on the day of your check-in, promptly notify the local office manager. We will do everything possible to guarantee your entry into the apartment in any case.

If I can't come personally to check in, can I delegate someone?

Depending on the period of your stay (a few days or a few months) it is necessary to carry out a whole series of bureaucratic procedures required by Italian law. Precisely for this reason it is not possible for us to ensure that someone else delegated by you (not even a family member) can go to the office to sign or collect the keys on your behalf.