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Jesolo: what to see and do in the city

Jesolo is an enchanting place to stop in the summer, not far from Venice and a perfect destination for those looking for a fun and at the same time relaxing holiday. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea and framed by the Sile and Piave rivers, Jesolo offers a 15 km long beach , also known as the Jesolo Lighthouse, which extends from the mouth of the Piave Vecchio to Cortellazzo.

What to see in Jesolo

Let's now see what to see in Jesolo through a detailed guide of the city that will allow you to enjoy the moments in a carefree manner. Here the squares are the beating heart of the city. The central square, Piazza Mazzini , located five minutes from the beach, is always lively and full of lovely cafes where you can stop for a breakfast or an aperitif. Walking along the pedestrian streets, you can discover the park in Piazza Casa Bianca , full of flowers and plants, until you reach Via Bafile , the shopping street. This street is a shopping paradise, with boutiques and shops open until late during the high season, we recommend you don't miss it!

Piazza Brescia and the Ferris wheel of Jesolo

Around aperitif time, from 7pm onwards, Piazza Brescia comes alive with the antique markets, even just to browse around we recommend a visit. Here, you can find stalls selling antiques, local crafts and various curiosities, immersing yourself in a lively and fascinating atmosphere.

To end a day in Jesolo, go on the Ferris wheel here in the square. The air-conditioned cabins offer breathtaking views of the entire coastline. The wheel makes three revolutions and is open until late, allowing you to enjoy a romantic evening view.

What to do in Jesolo

This city is not just sea and relaxation, there are many things you can do in Jesolo, let's discover them together! Even in bad weather, Jesolo offers numerous indoor activities. The Sea Life Aquarium and Tropicarium Park are ideal for families and children, where you can admire exotic fish, sharks, starfish and the mysterious Murena Funebris.

Instead, for history buffs, the Vidotto Military Historical Museum houses a vast collection of war objects from the First World War to today. Among the most interesting relics, in the museum garden, there is an M60 Patton tank .

What to see around Jesolo

The landscape of Jesolo is characterized by dunes, woods and pine forests, the result of a centuries-old dialogue between man and nature. The lagoon ecosystem of Venice is perfect for lovers of environmental tourism , with the possibility of excursions on foot, by bicycle or by canoe.

The Municipality is crossed by numerous cycle paths that follow the ancient trade routes, such as the Litoranea Veneta . These routes wind between the sea and the hinterland, crossing waterways such as the Sile, the Piave, the Livenza and the Tagliamento.

If you want to spend a different day you can visit the islands of the lagoon :

  • Murano;
  • Burano;
  • Torcello.

They are easily accessible and offer a unique experience with their colorful houses, glass art and ancient history.

Visiting Jesolo: the situation

Jesolo is an enchanting seaside place where you can live a relaxed and fun life and is suitable for both young people and families. The opportunities offered by this location in the Veneto are endless and also include trips out of town, in fact, if you want to explore beyond Jesolo, Padua , Venice, Treviso , Chioggia and Eraclea are all easily reachable in a day.

Each city offers a rich history and a fascinating culture, characterized by the presence of water. So what to do to stay in Jesolo without problems and stress? We advise you to book an apartment online , so as to reduce costs and have full freedom of movement.


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