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Let's discover the Children's Museum of Verona

Verona is a beautiful city to visit even if you are with your family, in fact the Veneto region always knows how to please everyone with food and wine tours and child-friendly attractions. For families, the Children's Museum is one of the most suitable and fun city attractions, so let's find out together what it is and why it should absolutely be included in the trips of those who come to the city on holiday.

An advice? Rely on the convenience of a short-term rental that allows you to visit the city calmly and without stress and that allows you to stop and rest without stress during the hottest hours and perhaps even to prepare meals in complete freedom, thinking about the needs of adults and children.

The Children's Museum of Verona

This museum is designed to offer a magical and innovative experience to its young visitors, everything here has been designed to stimulate creativity and curiosity in children through a playful and interactive approach. The entire structure is divided into thematic areas developed to offer an engaging and educational experience at the same time. The beating heart of the Children's Museum Verona is undoubtedly the main exhibition area.

Here, children are invited to explore and interact with a series of interactive exhibits covering a wide range of scientific topics. From water to light, from mechanics to sound, from logic to the human body, each area offers learning opportunities through experiments and direct experiences.

A practical and sensorial approach to stimulate informal learning , allowing children to discover and understand complex concepts in a natural and fun way; the museum itself wants to propose a concept of informal science and this is why it does not follow a pre-established route but gives visitors the freedom to explore the areas as they wish.

The access staircase to the children's museum in Verona

The entrance staircase is already an educational installation of the museum, called the Rights Plan which introduces visitors to the first 42 articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents. Along the walls of the staircase, visitors can read and reflect on these fundamental rights, while an installation transforms each step into a musical note, making entry to the museum a multi-sensory experience. This space not only educates children about their rights, but also invites them to imagine and create a more just and inclusive world.

Who is the museum aimed at?

We know that the museum is designed for children, but for those traveling as a family it is important to understand which age groups will be able to find healthy fun here: all the sections are designed to fascinate children from 0-3 years old up to 10- 12 years . The goal is to create an environment where children can experiment with their senses and learn through play, encouraging curiosity and independent exploration.

The ThinkLab

The Thinklab is an interactive laboratory that takes inspiration from the Tinkering of the Exploratorium in San Francisco, here through workshops and educational activities you learn by doing . This workshop is aimed at everyone and allows you to try your hand at works by:

  • Carpentry;
  • Writing;
  • Coding;
  • Robotics;
  • Mechanics.

Here each activity is coordinated by an Explainer , an expert figure who guides children and adults through the practical learning process. This space stimulates not only manual and technical skills, but also critical thinking and the ability to solve problems, making the educational experience complete and multidimensional.

Visiting Verona

Verona is the city of love and art and to discover it in its entirety, even as a family, a single day is not enough. For this reason we always recommend taking advantage of the advantage offered by an apartment booked online : in this way you will reduce your stay budget and you will have the opportunity to get around the city according to your own time and schedule, also paying attention to the needs of the little ones.


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