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The Well of Love, in Verona (and we're not talking about Romeo and Juliet)

Verona , famous throughout the world as the "city of love" thanks to the well-known tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, hides within its walls another touching romantic story: the Legend of the Well of Love . Verona is thus confirmed not only as the city of Romeo and Juliet but also as the guardian of a vast range of legends and love stories. The Well of Love, with its touching history, is among the testimonies of a past steeped in romanticism, leaving an indelible mark on the memory of the city.

The legend of the Well of Love in Verona

The story takes place during the period of Emperor Maximilian (1509-1517), when Verona was under the rule of the Holy Roman Empire. Corrado di San Boniface , a young soldier of great stature and noble appearance, fell madly in love with Isabella , a young woman of the Donati family. However, Isabella seemed to reject Corrado's every attempt to conquer her, maintaining an apparent indifference to her feelings.

The fate of the two lovers intertwines near a courtyard near the Church of San Marco, when Corrado, desperate for Isabella's apparent coldness, accuses her of being " as cold as the water of the well present in that courtyard ". Isabella's response leads to a dramatic turning point: " Corrado, try jumping into the well and perhaps you will find yourself colder than ice ." Even though it was the middle of winter, Corrado accepted the challenge and threw himself into the well .

Corrado's impetuous gesture reveals the tragic irony of love. Isabella, secretly in love with him, is dismayed to see the man for whom she sacrificed herself. In her desperation, she decides to follow him into the darkness of the well. Since that day, that place has been remembered as the "Well of Love", becoming a tangible symbol of the sacrifice of two souls in love.

How to visit the Well of Love

The Well of Love is located a few steps from Piazza delle Erbe , the heart of this sad legend. The visit to the well offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere full of emotions and reflections on the eternity of love. To reach it, simply follow the path from Corso Porta Borsari, arrive at number 15, turn left into Vicolo San Marco in Foro and follow the alley of Pozzo San Marco. Discovering the folklore of the cities you visit is a journey into the heart and soul of a community, a way of connecting with its history, culture and unique identity.

In addition to well-known tourist attractions, folklore offers an authentic and intimate perspective on the daily life of a city. Legends, folk tales and local traditions reveal fascinating details about the mentality and values ​​of the population, often overlooked by conventional guides. Exploring folklore means immersing yourself in the stories passed down from generation to generation, understanding the deep roots that shape the social fabric of a place.

Visiting Verona: one day is not enough

To fully explore Verona, a single day may prove insufficient , considering the wealth of local wonders and fascinating stories that the city offers. The variety of historical sites, monuments and unique atmospheres takes time to fully appreciate. A practical solution to maximize the experience is to book an apartment online , allowing visitors to enjoy great autonomy and organize their trip in a more flexible and personalized way.

Booking an apartment offers a welcoming and strategic base for completely immersing yourself in the Veronese culture. This option allows you to experience the city like a local resident, allowing you to explore the picturesque alleyways, local markets and authentic restaurants at your own pace. Furthermore, the flexibility in organizing the trip allows you to adapt to your preferences and dedicate the right amount of time to each attraction without feeling bound by rigid check-in and check-out times.


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