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10 villages to visit in Veneto

Veneto is a riot of medieval villages waiting to be discovered, hidden among the Euganean Hills, rich in unmissable architectural treasures, with high walls that tell stories and legends. Getting lost among the most beautiful villages in the Veneto is an experience full of charm and discovery, to be experienced intensely for several days or over several weekends to explore every single city and surrounding area, perhaps also to set out to discover the tastes of wine and of the typical dishes of this region .

The most beautiful villages in Veneto

Each of these villages represents an ideal destination for spending a holiday full of surprise and discovery, a mine of history and culture to be savored with the pleasure of a slow , reserved for those who want to fully enjoy the medieval wonders of the Region.


Under one of the Euganean Hills , rises Mons silicis , from the flints, a kind of plant that grows in the woods of the area. This village experienced its most flourishing period between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and is home to evocative medieval and Renaissance monuments. Monselice Castle hosts the Ezzelini fortress and Renaissance environments of the patrician Marcello family. Also worth visiting are the old Cathedral and the Sanctuary of the Seven Churches , built by a follower of Palladian art which finds its particular expression in these seven churches.

Cison di Valmarino

Halfway between the plain and the Belluno Prealps, Cison is located in the province of Treviso and is an ancient medieval village from the Lombard era which became part of the Republic of Venice. Its shape is particular and hosts several medieval and Renaissance buildings such as the eighteenth-century-looking Cathedral, and the ancient fortress of Castelbrando inhabited by the Brandolini family, a splendid stately residence which today houses a luxury hotel.


Giosuè Carducci defined it as " the city of a hundred horizons ", Asolo in fact has several breathtaking panoramic views. It is located in the province of Treviso and is full of elegant-looking historic buildings that have hosted important personalities over the centuries, such as Eleonora Duse. Don't miss the Zen Fountain, Piazza Maggiore and the Cathedral of Asolo, or the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta , with many works from the Mantegna school inside.

Walking through the alleys of Asolo you will find the Praetorian Palace or Asolo Castle which hosted the Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro and became a living room for artists and intellectuals. Another panorama is offered by the Rocca di Asolo located on Monte Ricco which can be reached via a long stepped staircase.


Near Padua, Cittadella is a medieval village and walled city. Here you can walk along the crenellated walls of the city bordered by a moat and which has 36 towers. After the patrol walkway it is possible to visit the historic center with the Cathedral, the amphitheater and the House of the Captain of the Guards.


Also in the province of Padua , Montagnana is one of the most beautiful villages to see in Veneto, as well as one of the walled cities in the area. Just enter Porta XX Settembre to cross the characteristic walls and arrive at San Zeno Castle . Here stands the Mastio from which you can admire the village and its colorful houses from above. Furthermore, just outside the walls is the very famous Villa Pisani by Palladio, a UNESCO heritage site and an architectural wonder not to be missed.

San Giorgio di Valpolicella

We move near Verona to San Giorgio di Valpolicella, a village that has Paleolithic origins and which today preserves its authentic beauty with care. Just walk along the Via Panoramica to have a fascinating view of the surrounding hills. An absolute must-visit is the Pieve di San Giorgio , a very ancient religious building.


You cannot say a village in the Veneto without immediately thinking of Soave , not far from Verona. It also houses a suggestive city wall that encloses a fourteenth-century historic center. In the center of Piazza Mercato, the heart of the city, stands the statue of the writer Ippolito Nievo, while the Renaissance façade of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo .


If you are a lover of typical Venetian scenery, Chioggia is the ideal village to visit. A miniature Serenissima with many canals and which houses a Cathedral decorated with works by Giambattista Tiepolo. Through the Canale della Vena it is possible to move along the village and admire this little treasure up to the Church of San Domenico with works by Carpaccio.


For those who cannot do without alleys and canals that are reminiscent of Venice , Burano is the perfect village to visit in Veneto. With its colorful houses reflected in the waters of the canals, this island of Venice is a colorful spectacle that pleases the eye. Not just canals, Burano is home to the famous Lace Museum and a particular Duomo, which features a leaning bell tower not to be missed.

Arquà Petrarca

It is located in the splendid scenery offered by the Euganean Hills, Arquà Petrarca is the village that made the poet of the same name Francesco Petrarca and is remembered here in the squares and alleys that take his name. His house and the poet's tomb are also located here . This area is particularly rural and offers several paths perfect for hikers, while the town is immersed in unparalleled calm and peace.

How to visit the most beautiful villages in Veneto?

To visit these beautiful villages the best option is to book an apartment online , this choice in fact offers maximum freedom of movement and allows you to enjoy entire days out without thinking about anything and to return whenever you want with maximum relaxation.

Furthermore, a choice of this type allows you to reduce the budget that would otherwise have been diverted towards a hotel and therefore to dedicate maximum attention to visiting and discovering the natural and tasteful beauties of the Veneto.


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