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Marca Trevigiana: what to do and see in the province of Treviso

The Marca Trevigiana is a truly fascinating place in the Veneto and offers many tourist and cultural attractions. This territory that embraces the city of Treviso and all the surrounding areas is waiting to be discovered.

Here you can find everything you could want from a holiday location:

  • Breathtaking landscapes;
  • A lively food and wine scene;
  • A rich cultural history.

Let's discover by thematic areas what to do and see in this place with blurred boundaries, which never existed historically but is recognized by many and where you will probably want to stop for a while given its beauty.

Discover the art of the Renaissance masters

One of the most beautiful things about the Treviso area is the art that can be discovered almost everywhere and we are not talking about trivial things but about the magnificent works of painters such as Titian or Giorgione which decorate small churches hidden in the villages and many other fantastic places . If you pass by here you will be enchanted by these beauties and you will struggle to return to normal life, everyday life where art is not always present and there are few wonders to discover.

You must then also stop in Castelfranco Veneto protected by ancient and mighty walls, it is an artistic jewel thanks to the presence of Giorgione's altarpiece, preserved in the city's Cathedral.

Villages and tradition

Here in the Treviso area there are villages that are true custodians of ancient beauty and culture, let's give a practical example?

  • Follina with its Cistercian Abbey is a place where Romanesque blends with Gothic and souls find peace and reflection;
  • Cison di Valmarino , elected among the most beautiful villages in Italy , hosts the fortress of CastelBrando;
  • San Pietro di Feletto is known for its Parish Church, a building of Lombard origin with frescoes dating back from the 13th to the 15th century from where you can admire a splendid panorama of the surrounding hills, perfect for a day of quiet and meditative exploration.

Each village has its own unique charm, with its own stories and traditions to discover, making every visit an unforgettable experience and you shouldn't leave any of them out.

Finally, how can we forget Vittorio Veneto ? Another beautiful city village waiting to be discovered for those who love to travel and immerse themselves in art and culture while Oderzo, with its Roman history, offers a unique cultural experience, where the ancient remains integrate harmoniously with the modern city.

Nature and sport in the Trevigiana area

If you love nature and all outdoor activities you will really enjoy yourself in the Trevigiana area, here you can visit Montello and Cansiglio which offer routes for excursions and walks immersed in lush woods, where it is possible to pick mushrooms or simply enjoy the tranquility of the landscape.

The Sile River Park , on the other hand, is an ideal area if you are passionate about birdwatching, fishing, kayaking and cycle tourism, thanks to its paths that wind along the river. For those looking for quieter and less traveled places, the isolated beaches along the Piave river offer a perfect refuge to relax and enjoy uncontaminated nature.

Food and wine tourism

You may already know it but the Treviso area is also famous for its rich food and wine tradition, here you can find the Prosecco hills , declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019 . Of the hills that extend from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, passing through Vittorio Veneto and Susegana; Prosecco is obviously produced here but not only that! We recommend you visit the cellars and taste their unique products.

And for those who love good food there are the typical taverns of the area that offer Treviso radicchio, Montello chestnuts and all the dishes of Treviso cuisine: a celebration of authentic and traditional flavours, which reflect the richness and diversity of the territory .

Marca Trevigiana: a place of authentic experiences

The Marca Trevigiana is a destination that invites visitors to completely immerse themselves in its culture and traditions. Every village, hill and path tells a story , every dish and glass of wine reflects the passion and skill of the people who live in this land.

Whether it's exploring ancient abbeys, tasting fine wines or simply relaxing in a corner of uncontaminated nature, the Marca Trevigiana offers an authentic and unforgettable experience for every type of traveler so why not stop here for some time? Booking an apartment online is quick and easy, so why not take advantage of it? This opportunity allows you to enjoy an uncontaminated place in a unique and relaxing way, following only your own schedule and fantasies.


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