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VeronaCard: what it includes and how to use it to visit Verona

Initiatives such as combined tickets are always an excellent way to better visit large and beautiful cities such as Verona . The VeronaCard , for example, is the official city pass which provides many reductions to museums, monuments, churches and much more and is ideal for visitors who intend to discover the wonders of the city with a low cost and intelligent solution.

The VeronaCard, in fact, also allows you to travel on urban transport for free and go from one point of the city to another without problems and enjoy the city of love to the fullest. A single card therefore contains:

  • Free entrance to churches, museums and monuments;
  • Special reductions for exhibitions or affiliated points;
  • Unlimited use of ATV urban vehicles;
  • Discounts for experiences organized in the city;
  • Fast entrances with the opportunity to skip the line.

Remember that only urban travel is included, so you will not be able to take advantage of the agreement for the Aerobus service that goes from the airport to the city centre. The VeronaCard is valid for 24 hours at the price of 20 euros and for 48 hours at the price of 25 euros per person . The two-day solution will allow you to visit the city's beauties with more comfort and pleasure.

You can find the VeronaCard online or in various sales points throughout the city which you can view on the website of the municipality of Verona . Children up to 7 years old enter for free, while between 8 and 14 years old have reduced admission to many museums and attractions; therefore, the purchase of the card must be evaluated.

What the VeronaCard includes: all places to visit for free

We have seen how much it costs, how long it lasts and what conventions are included in the VeronaCard, but now let's get to the point: what can I see with the VeronaCard? This electronic card allows you to enter numerous points of interest and not only by simply showing the card at the entrance and without having to queue for hours at some of these monuments: the skip-the-line option is not always available

With the VeronaCard you can visit the absolutely essential sites of Verona, including:

But not only that, you can also enter the Basilica of Sant'Anastasia , visit the Verona Cathedral Complex , and see inside the Church of San Fermo . There is no shortage of free galleries and museums such as the Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery at the Palazzo della Ragione , the Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater which is also an essential stop, the Castelvecchio Museum and the Natural History Museum for adults and children.

With the VeronaCard you can also see the "GB Cavalcaselle at Juliet's tomb" Fresco Museum , the Maffeiano Lapidary Museum , you can enter the Lamberti Tower , the Arche Scaligere Museum , the Gothic style funerary complex of the Scaligere family and the Eataly Hearth House , the Foundation that hosts inclusive and sustainable contemporary art projects. Still on the subject of contemporary art, don't forget to visit the Scavi Scaligeri International Photography Center which houses exceptional photographic prints.

VeronaCard reductions

With the VeronaCard you have fast and free access to the monuments we saw and reduced access to the following attractions:

  • The Capitolare Library Foundation at 4 euros instead of 5;
  • The African Museum at 3 euros instead of 5;
  • The Archaeological Museum of Verona for 3 euros instead of 5;
  • The Miniscalchi Erizzo Museum at 3 euros instead of 5;
  • Il Giardino Giusti at 9 euros instead of 12;
  • The Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo at 7 euros instead of 15, i.e. half the price.

There are also a lot of affiliated activities that can be viewed on the municipal website that allow you to save money and make the most of your visit to the city of love.

Thanks to the VeronaCard, those who decide to spend a few days in Verona can save, to reduce the budget even further it is also convenient to book an apartment online in advance .


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